Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bowe family

Alex and Reb just happen to be the most easy going couple. They were a dream to work with, not to mention how cute and fun Aaden is.  I have grown up with a household full of women, so meeting this energetic and daredevil boy was new to me.  Aaden made me have baby boy fever, so thanks to Alex and Reb for that! This session so easy and I am in love with these fall images. Hope ya'll love them as much as I do!

This was just a funny photo. I had brought some small toys to help reward Aaden for being so good and it helps him to giggle and give me that adorable smile. It just happened that he accidentally smacked Alex a bit. Ooops! Before the end of the day, he was a pro with the paddle ball.

Alex had told me that Aden was not a momma's boy. He was the curious and on the go kind of kid. Well towards the end, he was tired and worn out from playing that I got to snap this. This was when he became lovey with his beautiful momma!
 photo shannon-sig_zpsbaf9cf68.jpg

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